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liz truss
Net Worth $10 Million
Name Liz Truss
Date of Birth 26 July 1975
Age 48 Years Old
Gender Female

Liz Truss Net Worth

$10 Million

Liz Truss aka Mary Elizabeth Truss is a British politician. As of 2024, Liz Truss’ net worth is $10 million. Since 2021, Liz Truss has been operating in the position of Secretary. She is serving the State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs. Furthermore, from the year 2019, Liz Truss has been serving the post of the Minister for Women and Equalities.

Since 2010, Liz Truss has been a Member of Parliament (MP). Along with that, she is the being a member of the Conservative Party. She is serving for South West Norfolk. Furthermore, if we consider the Cabinet positions, then Liz Truss has served under several Prime Ministers, and the names include David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Theresa May.

Moreover, at present, she is aiming to become the Leader. She was to be part of the Conservative Party. Liz Truss had enrolled at the Merton College, which is located in Oxford. The most interesting fact is that she was also the President and used to direct the Oxford University Liberal Democrats.

In 1996, Liz Truss graduated and right after that, in the same year, she joined the Conservative Party. Liz Truss also used to work at Shell and Cable & Wireless. Moreover, she was also declared to be the deputy director of Reform which was actually the think tank named as such.

In the 2010 general election, the most interesting fact is that Liz Truss was elected for South West Norfolk. Liz Truss used to call herself a backbencher, and she also raised her voice so as to call for reforms that were meant for in various policy areas. If we consider the list, it includes childcare, education, mathematics, and also the economy.

Liz Truss Wiki/Biography

Born on 26 July 1975, Mary Elizabeth Truss’ age is 48 Years Old as of 2024. She grew up and later on grew up in Oxford, United Kingdom. She holds a British nationality and she also follows Christian religion. Liz Truss’s zodiac sign is Leo.

liz truss childhood pic
Liz Truss Childhood Pic

When Liz Truss was around 4 years old, and moreover, she along with the entire family had to move to Scotland. Liz Truss went to the West Primary School which is located in Paisley, Renfrewshire. After that she took admission at the Roundhay School, which is located in the Roundhay area of Leeds. Liz Truss was heard saying that Roundhay School was the only school that had “let down” its children.

However, when her claims were scrutinized, against the educational curriculum, it was found that it was quite not true and unjust. Liz Truss’s focus on social issues was disputed by some of his friends, and they actually attended the same school along with her. Along with that, there was also a journalist who disputed the matter.

Liz Truss had also lived in Canada and it was only for a year. It was noted that she appreciated the coherent curriculum that was in Canada and also appreciated the Canadian attitude. She said that the Canadians were really good to be top of the class and she found this to be contrasting based on the education that she received at Roundhay School. In 1996, Liz Truss graduated, and she used to read Philosophy, Economics and Politics. She had taken admission at the Merton College, Oxford.

Name Liz Truss
Full Name Mary Elizabeth Truss
Nick Name Elizabeth
Net Worth $10 Million
Date of Birth 26 July 1975
Age 47 Years Old
Birth Place Oxford, United Kingdom
Currently Live In Oxford
Profession Politician
Nationality British
Religion Christian
Hometown Oxford, England
Zodiac Sign Leo
School/High School West Primary School, Paisley, Renfrewshire
Roundhay School in the Roundhay area of Leeds, England
College/University Merton College, University of Oxford, England
Education Qualification Bachelor’s of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Family, Husband & Relationship

Liz Truss’s parents are John Kenneth and Priscilla Mary Truss. Liz Truss’s father’s name is John Kenneth who is an emeritus professor and associated with pure mathematics by profession. Liz Truss’s mother’s name is Priscilla Mary Truss who is a nurse as well as a teacher. Furthermore, her mother was also a member of the Campaign that was associated with the Nuclear Disarmament by profession.

liz truss mother
Liz Truss with her Mother

It was mentioned that Liz Truss used to describe her parents as the ones who were “to the left of Labour”. Liz’s mother consented to be part of the campaign for her when she heard that Liz was heading to stand for election for the Parliament and she contested it as a Conservative. Liz Truss’s mother decided to campaign for her daughter. However, the opposite occurs in the case of her father, he declined to be part of any kind of campaign.

As of 2022, the marital status of Liz Truss is that she is married. In 2000, Liz Truss married Hugh O’Leary.

liz truss husband
Liz Truss with her Husband

He was a fellow accountant. Later on, the couple had two daughters. The names of their daughters are Frances Truss and Liberty Truss.

liz truss daughter
Liz Truss’s Daughters

However, from the year 2004 till the middle of the year 2005, it was heard that Liz Truss had an extra-marital affair with Mark Field, who was actually a married MP. He was the person appointed by the Conservative Party and Mark was actually the political mentor of Liz Truss. The good news is that even after this her marriage with O’Leary survived.

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